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I fell in love with this species so I just had to draw Spirit as one -;
little-pancakes gave me permission to post this
safe1707499 artist:fluffyxai561 oc685276 oc only449109 oc:spirit wind111 original species25165 pony968631 suisei pony40 armband858 armor23785 blushing197827 bracelet9434 cheek fluff5567 chest fluff39174 closed species136 confused4757 ear fluff29594 fluffy14255 frown22911 gem6025 hair ornament279 jewelry63798 leg fluff3042 lobster tail2 looking back57489 male373080 raised hoof45696 raised leg7736 scales1151 simple background393849 solo1064969 species swap19757 stallion108978 tail fluff160 transformation10773 white background98002 wide eyes17057 worried3930


not provided yet


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that's what the person with the octoponies did last time i looked at their blog they said they were going to do it, don't know if they ever did because i lost interest after that
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Legally the only way to make a "closed species" is to patent it, you can't copyright ideas. Most "closed species" are not backed up with any enforceable law and can therefore be used freely* without permission from the creator. This is why, for instance, there are so many of Tolkien's creations running around in the fantasy genre despite how infamously litigious the Tolkien estate is.

*The name of the species may be under trademark, and so you would need to call it something else. You see this, too, all the time with Tolkien's creatures- they are frequently given a different name when used.
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yeah I'm not a super fan of that being a thing hehe like I'd prefer people being able to just explore and enjoy a species rather than having to get someone's permission just to draw it at all.