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I wasn’t going to post it since it was an experiment with shading, but everyone told me to just do it
Also I’m not sure how inappropriate itis 0-0

safe2211462 artist:anvalina17 applejack203508 earth pony520945 anthro368828 g42066100 simple ways1475 abstract background25229 alternate hairstyle39022 applejewel734 bare shoulders6572 bedroom eyes84340 clothes651104 dress63789 featured image1242 female1845595 freckles45891 hand on hip13986 leotard6718 lidded eyes50361 mare768147 no pupils6071 open-back dress159 sexy47584 simple background616250 solo1456938


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Background Pony #C65C
@Background Pony #13BB  
You’re a trend-setting fashionista?! Why that is the most ridiculous–
Ah mean, gud fer you! Ah on the other hoof, couldn’t care less how Ah look, long as Ah git the chores done!
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shame on you, shame on both of you, how dare you talk ill of my favorite MLP episode, i place a curse on thy, oooooooooooooooooooooh……….. curse done, now go home and think about what you did.