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A Chrysalis/Celestia comic chosen via poll by my patrons.


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safe1617044 artist:omny87330 princess celestia91241 queen chrysalis33399 alicorn206365 changeling43023 changeling queen13876 pony884845 blushing182801 chryslestia268 comic103416 crown15168 cute186512 cutealis2106 dialogue61053 eyes closed84209 female1287232 floppy ears47879 floppy horn116 hornboner346 jewelry55397 kissing23073 lesbian91916 lidded eyes28246 limp horn17 mare439992 open mouth130079 regalia17729 shipping188524 speech bubble21227 wide eyes16365


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14 comments posted

Five scoops of ice cream
You don't run a country for a thousand years without picking up a few ways to throw somebody off their game.
Background Pony #5AF6
I guess you could say Celestia made Chrysalis…


I'll see myself out.
Background Pony #CF39
Then alicorn bug horses were born.
I don't know why, but I'm picturing something that looks like the reformed changelings, but has constantly shifting colors like Celestia's mane.