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semi-grimdark30374 artist:arareroll436 rarity185602 oc712096 oc:anon11934 oc:femanon387 human158964 pony1010763 unicorn342384 attempted murder63 bad pony128 behaving like a cat2244 bipedal36216 bipedal leaning1822 clothes476143 comic111482 couch8702 crossed legs3339 dialogue67961 dress46072 female1402136 floppy ears54521 frown23572 glare8303 glowing horn20530 grin40945 human female1638 human male6784 imminent murder196 jealous1259 kitchen knife43 knife5488 leaning3733 levitation12570 lidded eyes31807 looking up17141 magic75397 male388113 mare502299 no eyes361 open mouth154448 pants15318 pony pet810 raised hoof48447 raribitch65 shirt26184 sitting65600 sitting on lap289 smiling261062 telekinesis28736 this will end in death2536 this will end in tears3440 this will end in tears and/or death2336 unamused16761 yandere924 yanderity55


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I am human, hear me err.
I suppose, if Rarity keeps misbehaving like that, Anon could put her in a room with no windows, a multi-layer lock, and an unidentifiable article of clothing for her to work on. That could at least give him a head start.