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Inversion is the way of Life! Join me, my ponies, in this new light!

((note: in this originally, I was going draw papillon in this with Celestia, However it was hard to draw her due to that I’ve never drawn a changeling and that she is too fabulous to be drawn in this. so sorry I wasn’t able to draw papillon ;3; ))
safe1689647 artist:eeveeglaceon143 princess celestia94300 alicorn221277 pony951323 tumblr:the sun has inverted133 blue background4972 color change347 cute197353 cutelestia3553 darkened coat281 eyes closed91533 female1347589 implied anon661 implied anon pony3 implied changeling queen8 implied changeling queen oc2 implied queen papillon2 indigo background67 invert princess celestia80 inverted181 inverted colors357 inverted princess celestia80 jewelry61976 purple background2956 rainbow hair2352 regalia19413 sidemouth499 simple background387672 solo1052645 tumblr34851 violet background91 word balloon287 word bubble152


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