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A bold move by anxious scholar pony catches socially inept crystaller by surprise

safe2174897 artist:heyerika98 stygian1001 sunburst8820 pony1603059 unicorn538192 g42029399 backwards cutie mark4526 beard5673 blaze (coat marking)3814 blushing274229 book43572 bookshelf5653 boop9323 coat markings13525 colored hooves12315 crack shipping4302 cute265835 embarrassed15311 everyone is gay for sunburst2 eyes closed139045 facial hair10180 facial markings6172 featured image1211 floppy ears73010 gay37240 glasses88729 high res407880 horn190764 kiss on the lips6422 kissing32548 leg fluff5121 library4191 male550942 noseboop3675 raised hoof69975 shipping254228 shrunken pupils5386 size difference21334 socks (coat markings)8120 stallion195800 standing on books2 styburst15 stygian's cutie mark23 stygianbetes58 sunbetes385 surprise kiss1177 surprised12797 sweet dreams fuel2051 wide eyes19875


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Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
A lot of people feel the need to display their disdain for the very sight of homosexuality, to make themselves feel more manly, superior, or whatever.
It’s called homophobia. Many less developed people suffer from this.
Sadly, there is currently no known guaranteed cute.
P.S. …I meant cure. (Dammit, nearly wrote cute again! xD)
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Undead inside
Why does one’s own sexuality have to do with liking ships that are of a specific sexuality?
I doubt that many on this site are lesbian and there’s a lot of lesbian shipping. :P