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"Do you mind? We're just getting to the good part. Glitzy Giggles is just about to be crowned the Sparkle Fairy Princess."
"What the hay…?"
"Hi Aunt Twiley!"
"Now if you'd be so kind as to not interrupt us, again."
"That's hardly the worst thing I've done."
"And you are rude. Now leave us."
"Just give me Flurry."
"That's hardly my choice to make."
"Flurry Heart, dear, do you want to go with your incredibly rude aunt?"
"She inter… Inna…"
"She did that to my book"
"…Flurry, sweetie, he KIDNAPPED you!"
"Well then kidnapping is okay. For… five minutes, no, six! I'm a princess too!"
: "You heard her, Sparkle. Go away."
"Bye, Aunt Twiley!"


"Well, where is she!? What did that monster do to my baby girl!?"
"About that…"

So a friend and I were joking about this screencap (>>1972978) and Flurry's eventual fate. We decided that she'd have Sombra wrapped around her little finger where he'd spoil her rotten. Adorableness is a weapon to be feared. When our heroes eventually break into Sombra's evil lair of evilness and layering, they shall find Flurry, perched quite happily on her kidnapper's lap, sipping a glass of the finest chocolate milk and digging into a good book. That's a classic, that. Honestly, Twilight, you of all people should respect Flurry's love of literature.

Poor Spike. Sombra knows how to hold a grudge.
safe (1525814) artist:tahublade7 (406) king sombra (12330) princess flurry heart (5991) spike (72503) anthro (219588) plantigrade anthro (25144) spoiler:s09 (527) 3d (58324) annoyed (4804) armor (20739) book (29345) clothes (388976) cookie (3173) dagger (434) daz studio (659) dress (37741) female (850638) filly (56870) food (57503) glasses (52135) happy (26328) implied twilight sparkle (1497) kidnapped (640) older (21637) older flurry heart (823) plushie (21054) reading (5648) sitting (51973) sitting on lap (176) skull (2552) smiling (203144) socks (54072) story included (7261) teddy bear (1161) throne (2648) uncle sombra (3) weapon (25585)


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Background Pony #1294
I can actually see this happening. I'm pretty sure even Sombra wouldn't hurt a child.
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