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safe (1413254)artist:emberslament (165)artist:gaelledragons (211)sunset shimmer (49940)blushing (151730)chest fluff (25223)collaboration (3982)colored pencil drawing (1449)cute (145370)detailed background (238)ear fluff (17354)eyes closed (66864)female (746657)flower (18076)flower in hair (5226)lilypad (165)mare (327642)photo (66019)pony (677855)river (1512)shimmerbetes (3338)solo (866871)traditional art (95271)tree (22016)unicorn (197583)water (9753)


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I’m struggling a bit with figuring out pricing at the moment, I got yelled at for only charging $50 for an art piece like this on an 11x14 canvas.^^’
Once I get that figured out and a few other projects finished, I’ll make a proper list!
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