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Update to include one from “Sundae Sundae Sundae”.
Season 1: >>1654878 (merged)  
Season 2: >>1644602 (merged)  
Season 3: >>1640702 (merged)  
Season 4: >>1640703 (merged)  
Season 5: >>1640706 (merged)  
Season 6: >>1648882 (merged)  
Season 7: >>1529347 (merged) and >>1574351 (merged)  
Season 8: >>1737149, >>1829045 (merged) and You Are Here  
Movie: >>1837742
safe1767016 screencap231060 alice the reindeer153 applejack174559 aurora the reindeer104 autumn blaze4061 big macintosh28989 butternut45 cozy glow7834 cranky doodle donkey1037 fluttershy218774 gallus7067 marble pie6728 matilda528 oak nut36 ocellus5483 pinkie pie221616 prince rutherford779 rainbow dash240080 rarity186991 silverstream6355 spike80997 sugar belle3228 twilight sparkle308075 alicorn235629 changedling8886 changeling50458 classical hippogriff5150 donkey1975 dragon59514 earth pony273192 griffon28249 hippogriff10244 kirin9437 pegasus315344 pony1026908 unicorn349322 yak4777 best gift ever2449 hearth's warming shorts97 school raze2371 season 81311 sounds of silence3375 sundae sundae sundae109 triple pony dare ya92 what lies beneath1615 spoiler:interseason shorts890 alternate hairstyle29376 animated101754 blushing206940 boop7672 boop compilation16 clothes481573 eye contact6668 female1416118 filly70693 frown23852 gif32576 glare8327 gritted teeth13490 grove of the gift givers7 heartbreak746 heartbroken marble86 lidded eyes32201 looking at each other21794 male393122 mare509617 mistletoe1756 nose wrinkle3100 noseboop2951 personal space invasion896 ponyville6134 raised hoof49208 scarf24109 shipping207371 side chick76 space invaders32 squee1979 squishy cheeks2508 straight141480 sugarmac807 supercut69 sweet acorn orchard24 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126989 wall of tags3747 wide eyes17525 wig913 winter clothes59


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I kind of want to include a boop from the “Sundae Sundae Sundae” short. Should I put it into the season 8 compilation or wait for season 9?