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safe1755540 artist:animesoul55 fluttershy217678 pinkie pie220603 rainbow dash239045 twilight sparkle306697 alicorn233669 crab933 human159360 alicorn humanization287 armpits43440 beach16096 bikini19051 breasts289628 busty fluttershy17971 busty pinkie pie11205 clothes477484 cute206294 dark skin4806 facial recognition1 female1406267 glasses64993 horn78430 horned humanization6907 humanized102094 legs8864 midriff19888 miniskirt5049 one-piece swimsuit4786 skirt41205 smiling262638 sunglasses15130 swimsuit29845 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126401 winged humanization8857 wings124016


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Background Pony #1C38
@Background Pony #AED4  
If you thought it was a mistag - you could just change tags and be done with it. If you think you need to provide evidence or ask for a confirmation, you can report the image for mistagging (Report->General reporting->Rule #2: Bad tagging/sourcing), explain the problem there and let mods do the changes. I don’t understand why it was necessary to go into so many details about why it’s not kotobukiya in response to my comment. It just felt that you were keep going on and on about it while being peeved. And since it was a reply to my comment it felt like it was aimed at me, so I think my reaction is pretty understandable.
Background Pony #ECAF
I was simply stating the many reasons why this picture shouldn’t have the Kotobukiya & Kotobukiya Dash tags, asking me to chill is unneeded.
Background Pony #ECAF
@Background Pony #EF67  
That doesn’t make it Kotobukiya dash though. She looks nothing like Kotobukiya Rainbow heck not even the hairstyle is the same, just because shes dark skin in the picture doesn’t automatically make her the Kotobukiya Rainbow Dash.