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Here is what I think:

Twilight and Ludwig — Both love reading and have high intelligence.
RD and Iggy — Both dye their hair. Iggy dyes his green and RD dyes hers multiple colors.
Applejack and Morton — Both are physically strong.
Rarity and Roy — Both try to look attractive, for obvious reasons.
Fluttershy and Larry — Both like some peace and quiet.
Pinkie Pie and Lemmy — Both are hilarious, funny and very crazy!
safe1577147 applejack158966 fluttershy197971 rainbow dash219546 rarity169857 twilight sparkle282949 comparison3977 crossover57182 iggy koopa20 koopalings42 larry koopa19 lemmy koopa25 ludwig von koopa15 mlp chart24 morton koopa jr.10 nintendo3275 roy koopa13 super mario bros.3527 wendy o. koopa26


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I ship like fedex! XD my favorite ship is fluttershy x Larry,iggy x rainbow dash,lemmy koopa x pinkie pie,and Ludwig von koopa x twilight sparkle!
Background Pony #9AFD
twilight sparkle and ludwig song is roses are red by aqua.
rainbow dash and iggy song is barbie girl by aqua.
applejack and morton song is cowgirls dont cry by brooks and dunn ft.
rarity and roy song is bad boy by cascada.
fluttershy and larry song is fireflies by owl city.
pinkie pie and lemmy song are best friend by toy box.
Background Pony #CBC8
twilight x ludwig von koopa at playing piano.
rainbow dash x iggy koopa at running fast and iggy get his pet chopper.
applejack x morton koopa at kicking apple off the tree.
rarity x roy koopa at rarity helps roy makeing his dress for the koopalings boys.
fluttershy x larry koopa at talking to birds and sining
pinkie pie x lemmy koopa at funny at fun party are crazy…
Background Pony #CBC8
twilight; hi are you new.
twilight; dont be shy am twilight sparkle….
ludwig; am ludwig von koopa twilght…red cheeks
twilight; are you ok ludwig…
ludwig; twilight…….
twilight; yeah
ludwig; i just want to this*kisses twilight in the lips*
twiligjt; close her eyes*
Background Pony #CBC8
rarity x roy
twilight x ludwig
raindow dash x iggy
applejack x morton
fluttershy x larry
pinkie pie x lemmy
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I dunno, Rarity seems like a Wendy to me. After all, Wendy's show counterpart, Kootie Pie, shares the same voice acress as Rarity (just as Iggy and Lemmy's share Twilight Sparkle's)

You can see the resemblance whenever Rarity whines. Just listen to the "this is whining!" scene and tell me it doesn't sound familiar. :V