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Celestia and Azure arrived at a small alcove in the graveyard, stopping in front of one particular headstone. Turning around, Azure laid his eyes upon it. For a few heart-pounding moments, he was frozen in place as all of his emotions was let loose simultaneously. Seeing the names inscribed on the stone, he knew this was it, the final resting place of his birth parents.

"S-So, this is where they are buried." Stammered Azure, breaking the silence.

"Yes." Celestia somberly confirmed. "When the guard found their bodies, it was a grisly sight. Though nopony claimed them, we still gave them a proper burial." Azure dropped to his haunches, hind legs growing limp. He starts tearing up. On one hoof, he was glad to see his parents but on the other, he had to deal with the reality that they were gone and there was nothing that could be done. Though he dealt with death as a guard, it was much different for the prince. "My son, I'm dearly sorry for not telling you about this. If you hate me, then I understand why. I'll leave you alone here if you want."

Just as Celestia turned around to walk away, her ears were greeted by a soft sobbing sound. She heard what at first was silent whispering but was more legible as she got closer.

"Mother, please don't leave me."

Celestia was taken aback by those words. Even after the turn of events over the last hour, her adoptive son doesn't think ill of her. Azure still loved his mother, even though they weren't bound by blood. He wanted her warmth, her presence, her comfort, her love.

Just as she was about to wrap Azure in her wings, her mind picked up a memory coming from him. It was of him, just two weeks old, swaddled up in his mother's hooves. She rocked him with a relaxed smile as she sang a lullaby. In that memory, his mother sang it to bring calm to him as he shut his eyes to sleep. Giving him a kiss on the forehead, his mother whispered one final thing to him.

"Remember little one, mommy and daddy will love you always."

Snapping back to reality, Celestia sat down behind Azure and pulled him in with her hooves. Wrapping him in her wings, she started to sing the melody. Little by little, Azure's sadness gave way to contentment. Hearing the calming song come from the alicorn, reminding him of the most pleasant of memories. Nuzzling her chest fluff, a smile drew across his snout. It felt warm and calming to the touch. With his nerves relaxed and his mind at peace, Azure uttered three words that Celestia would never forget:

"Thank you, mom."

(A prequel to this story of mine.)
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