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My entry for Derpibooru’s 2012 holiday art competition.

safe2175476 artist:muffinshire192 derpy hooves57524 dinky hooves4692 tealove97 pony1603784 competition:derpibooru 201221 g42030416 :q61 bipedal49560 blizzard366 book43594 christmas21089 christmas tree6438 clothes635025 comic135500 cookie5030 cute265925 derpabetes3750 dinkabetes338 doll6659 eating13403 equestria's best daughter219 equestria's best mother678 eyes closed139109 featured image1212 feels1680 female1804058 fire15884 fireplace3942 flying55120 frown36155 hearth's warming eve1659 heartwarming833 holiday35252 hoof hold12982 hot chocolate1708 hug37624 knitting164 mailpony530 mother and daughter8412 muffinshire is trying to murder us48 nom3549 nuzzling5055 open mouth237810 plushie30943 present8917 prone35242 reading8111 scarf32160 smiling397829 snow19665 snowfall6179 stars23430 tongue out147317 tree49389 wink32942


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Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
Just finished watching Santa Claus: The Movie (my favourite Christmas film), and this produces the same warm and fluffy feels for me as that movie does. D’aww! <3
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I see Derpy has raised Dinky well if she can prepare all those decorations by herself
Also, this was from a contest? They should’ve said “No professionals” because this would’ve taken that win so quickly and leave the others in the dust