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safe1588375 edit119438 edited screencap57116 screencap203553 fluttershy199530 rarity170939 starlight glimmer44337 pegasus244535 pony855683 unicorn271087 equestria daily1192 bald1311 discussion190 female919006 floppy ears46863 mare420857 nervous5110 open mouth124857 sethisto183 smiling218309 solo focus16646 text51751 wide eyes16285


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Digital Seapony
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Princess Book Horse fan
New headcanon:

Starlight Glimmer discovered a spell which grants eternal youth, but she forgot that magic doesn't work on manes as intended. As a result, her mane is actually aging faster.
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Background Pony #9352
and anyone still cares about anything seth or equestria daily in general are peddling? maybe you people deserve to have your show taken away.
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