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screams internally
I wish I would have made a background for this but I’m too tired, I wasn’t sure how to, and I have limited time…
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safe1752521 artist:aureai133 twilight sparkle306427 alicorn233197 ladybug638 pony1012335 starlight the hypnotist331 spoiler:interseason shorts890 :t3870 adorable distress558 back fluff44 chest fluff41315 coccinellidaephobia86 cute205934 ear fluff31288 female1403657 floppy ears54636 fluffy14722 folded wings6600 frightened306 frown23612 grass10163 imminent freakout2 insect on nose344 leg fluff3205 mare503090 missing cutie mark4786 prone26391 scared10776 screaming internally46 shoulder fluff1955 simple background409828 solo1095680 surprised9602 this will not end well1715 twiabetes12288 twilight hates ladybugs142 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126274 underhoof53815 when you see it633 white background102658 wide eyes17418 wing fluff1702 wings123506


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Artist -

If that ladybug is to scale of a ladybug in our world, then Twilight is like not even a foot long from chest to flank??? My Little Pony.