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MLP NG kids based on Saphi-Boo ’s AU
Flurry Heart x Chrysalis - Holly Blue: adorable little psychopath  
Starlight Glimmer x Chancellor Neighsay - Cynic Sorcerer: sad and misunderstood
Princess Twilight Sparkle x Apple Bloom - Gala Gleam: really good at growing plants  
Pinkamena Diane Pie x Gallus - Chickadee: fluffy buttmuncher  
Princess Cadence x Rainbow Dash - Lovestruck: teen skater boi late for the prom again?!?!!?!  
Rarity x Zephyr Breeze - Chic Sheer: meek pretty boy  
Fluttershy x Queen Novo - Hummingbee: hippie birb lover  
Applejack x Cloudy Quartz - Tart Applesauce: a grandmother at age 16
safe1754614 artist:unoriginai800 oc713699 oc only466386 oc:chic sheer1 oc:chickadee8 oc:cynic sorcerer1 oc:holly blue5 oc:hummingbee1 oc:lovestruck16 oc:tart applesauce1 changepony1155 hippogriff10171 hybrid20644 pegasus310587 pony1014204 unicorn343909 alternate universe10520 colored hooves6413 colt15505 crack ship offspring334 crack shipping3736 cute206167 cutie mark49899 female1405292 filly69868 flying39529 male389189 mare503871 next generation6001 ocbetes5683 offspring40996 parent:apple bloom719 parent:applejack4143 parent:chancellor neighsay76 parent:cloudy quartz33 parent:fluttershy5159 parent:gallus73 parent:pinkie pie4308 parent:princess cadance1692 parent:princess flurry heart235 parent:queen chrysalis1116 parent:queen novo102 parent:rainbow dash6014 parent:rarity4460 parent:starlight glimmer1525 parent:twilight sparkle8700 parent:zephyr breeze729 parents:chrysaheart1 parents:cloudyjack1 parents:galluspie1 parents:novoshy1 parents:raindance2 parents:starsay1 parents:twibloom2 parents:zephyrity4 shipping206118 stallion116239


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