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Hey, just in case there is any doubt, Applehors is my wife and favorite pastel equine

I fkn suck at muscle or realistic art but I tried to make her buff and ofc what better way to show off her eqqverse hairstyle then to put her on that rosie poster, bcs I am a sucker for symbolism lol

Anywaysss, in eqqverse AJ leaves her Hat to Applebloom (a story for another time) originally the plan was for her to take on Grannies neckerchief after her passing, but the colors are too close to Ajs coat and look p crap sooo instead I went for the second option: AJ inheriting Grandpears lucky scarf, which she wears proudly, happy to reconnect with her lost pear ancestry !

Anyways, I love my buff Horse wife a lot.

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Maybe your design for Applejack reminded that person of one of the G5 leaked designs and made a mistake. Quite a bit of the concept art for G5 depicted Applejack with spots on her body.
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