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Just Rarity being Rarity, LOL…
safe1585843 screencap206122 rarity171040 bird6956 seagull178 equestria girls182838 equestria girls series29225 lost and found213 animated92860 belly button68808 bikini16389 bikini babe654 clothes414412 complete disaster9 drama queen216 ear piercing22239 earring18365 female1186446 freakout117 geode of shielding1732 hat77182 jewelry53034 magical geodes7053 marshmelodrama742 midriff18241 piercing35577 rarity being rarity191 solo982002 sound7279 sun5952 sun hat735 swimsuit25655 webm10822


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Background Pony #1679
Rarity's freak out makes me imagine how SEGA will feel once the Sonic movie comes out. (And Nintendo will probably be all 'and now you know how we felt after the Mario movie flopped.')
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