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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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In Prince Blueblood’s chamber, he had the Great and Powerful Trixie perform a special show just for him. She begins by performing an exotic dance and strutting her stuff to an upbeat rhythm. From this, the prince was allured, watching a mare he finds radiantly beautiful moving her perfectly shaped body to the music with such grace. Trixie walks close to Blueblood, get smitten with him, grab his face, and pucker her licks.

"Wait! Don’t you dare! I refuse to let my royal lips be touched by those of a commoner!"

"Commoner?! I am no commoner! I am the Great and Powerful Trixie! Behold, my prince! Let me show you how ’Great and Powerful’ I can be!"


She forcefully presses her lips onto the prince’s. He starts fighting it at first, but then he calmly begins to enjoy it. Then the two just stare into each other’s eyes, smiling.



Trixie by ReiDuran

Prince Blueblood by Crowne Prince


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