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safe1863096 artist:the-butch-x1560 applejack181050 rarity195076 equestria girls222526 equestria girls series37287 street chic214 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)15820 applejack's hat10452 bare shoulders3854 breasts315729 busty applejack11645 clothes519391 cold1007 cowboy hat19789 denim shorts808 female1502608 freezing201 frostbite15 frozen351 geode of shielding2630 hat99617 i was frozen today24 magical geodes10696 open mouth176406 scene interpretation9408 shivering2237 shorts15919 signature31130 skirt44776 sleeveless5968 stetson5242 tanktop8809 this will not end well1921 video player11 when you see it660


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Oh, shit I just now noticed that part of Applejack’s skin is starting to chip off.
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thats from the fairly oddparents episode when timmy’s mom became a weather reporter. Called it
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“Not very fond of getting the cold shoulder, are you?”
%First person to get that reference gets a big hug from me.%