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I-it’s only two days late, T-that’s not too bad, right?
safe1725974 artist:shpoople12 oc697048 oc only455734 oc:filly anon2655 bashful228 blushing200810 cute202737 female1380383 filly68082 heart49135 hearts and hooves day2161 holiday20300 mouth hold17746 shy4215 simple background400686 sitting64330 solo1077397 text60430 underhoof52814 valentine1400 valentine's day3593 valentine's day card403 white background100153


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Background Pony #C77D
Okay, I just have to know, why is there so much "homo" stuff — that is, Anonfilly being with Anon — of Anonfilly? Not that I have anything against it, I just find it strange. I mean, Anonfilly isn't a normal filly; it is a dude who turned into a filly! So I just can't help but find it a bit odd how there's so much art and stuff where Anons are basically being in love with another Anon who happens to have magically turned into a filly. Know what I mean?
Background Pony #7F71
I will shear off the filly's chestfluff and make a nice warm pair of mittens.