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safe1709494 screencap222620 applejack170162 fluttershy212989 rainbow dash234263 rarity182128 equestria girls200885 equestria girls series33080 street chic205 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)14250 animated98780 applejack's hat7386 bare shoulders2580 boots22088 clothes460691 cold936 converse5674 cowboy boots1534 cowboy hat15931 cropped49408 female1365872 fetish fuel68 fluttercold40 freezing193 geode of fauna1839 geode of super speed2463 geode of super strength2169 gif31131 hat87070 loop5268 magical geodes8879 shivering2089 shoes36854 shorts14019 sleeveless4410 sneakers5048 strapless1651


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Background Pony #419C
It's not like they were heavily bundled up BEFORE Rarara changed their clothes…
Background Pony #796A
hunterxcolleen actually invaded the dhx offices to make this with their puppets