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safe1586361 artist:roseprincessmitia34 applejack159835 big macintosh26710 button mash3808 cheerilee9396 cheese sandwich3658 comet tail833 derpy hooves48185 discord28931 doctor whooves10145 flash sentry11941 fluttershy199721 king sombra12808 marble pie6030 pinkie pie204377 princess cadance30480 princess celestia89805 queen chrysalis32706 rainbow dash220894 rarity171082 rumble3760 scootaloo49061 shining armor21702 soarin'13346 spitfire12748 sugar belle2777 sunset shimmer57532 sweetie belle46632 thunderlane3797 time turner10142 trouble shoes1048 twilight sparkle283768 alicorn199552 changeling41278 changeling queen12873 draconequus9114 earth pony205760 pegasus247248 pony856543 unicorn273850 equestria girls182906 appledash5393 cheerimac787 chrysombra249 colt13319 cometlight296 dislestia1415 doctorderpy1430 female1192987 filly59879 flashimmer1794 flutterblitz76 lesbian90405 male326238 marbleshoes15 mare426877 rainbow blitz2267 rarilane159 rule 6325075 rumbloo463 shiningcadance2381 shipping184539 simple background349073 soarinfire566 stallion94357 straight122322 sugarmac692 sweetiemash566 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116200 white background87243


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Prince Mainesly
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Alone and Proud 👌
Cheerimac was my heart and the first episode of which i fell in love with MLP those years ago… it broke me when sugar belle out of bucking left field showed up… i pray something may change in season 9. all those times little cute things in the show before season 7 that kinda fueled cheerimac and then just absolutely destroy it? it screwed me up mentally thats for sure and it broke my trust with anything on the planet…
Background Pony #A75D
The only ones I support or would ever see happening or aka working out on this chart obviously shiningcadance, cheesepie, sugarmac and doctor derpy. I would around switch around a couple ships but people get to easily defensive so much that you can't even express your opinion on here anymore so ima just let it be lol
Background Pony #3189
Not a fan of most of the ships but I gotta give props to a fellow soarinfire fan!