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Happy Hearts and Hooves/claws!
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explicit453993 artist:pia-sama1949 coco pommel7132 rarity212931 spike90683 dragon81339 anthro346085 plantigrade anthro48364 g41929198 ass79490 balloon12684 balls105185 bisexual6566 blushing261719 breasts376242 busty coco pommel787 busty rarity17003 butt219221 cutie mark51519 faceless female2091 female1739913 flaccid3126 heart71901 heart balloon406 hearts and hooves day2714 letter3756 male529477 mare703412 nipples232934 nudity492989 offscreen character49554 penis205008 polyamory7797 rearity6959 ship:cocospike93 ship:marshmallow coco341 ship:sparico60 ship:sparity8031 shipping245953 straight172413


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A waste of biomatter
@Officer Hotpants  
Well Spike being a Dragon which within the show and popular culture are seen as powerful and Immense creatures,gives him an air of Power potential that is usually represented with a mighty figure in his maturity which with Anthrofication is usually a muscular and robust body as to represent such power in the “limited” frames that a humanoid body-type can have. Depictions of him in youth often keep him fit or lean but still shorter than the girls around him.
Not to mention being the most prominent male in the show means he will typically receive an Ideal male body form which grants him a herculean build that would make an ancient Greek sculptor proud.  
Indeed Pia is one of the best Artist in the Fandom when it comes to displaying the beauty of the human(noid) body and her depictions of delicious curves and firm muscles are par the course for her art to the happiness of all.
Officer Hotpants
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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I’ve always found it strange that Spike typically becomes this big, hulking figure when people “anthro-ize” (not humanize) him. It seems like there should be more of him being on the smallish side.
Not complaining about the picture. Just something I’ve wondered about for a few years, now.
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Uploading with permission!
’Happy Hearts and Hooves/Claws Day’
That was the first thing Rarity had read on the rose-colored banner when she entered her secret room. The second thing she immediately noticed was the butt naked and blushing forms of her drakefriend and marefriend; her own personal pets.
“Isn’t this a pleasant surprise%?” She teased with a smile walking into the room as naked as they were. Her two pets approached the center of the room to meet her, partially blocking the banner on the wall behind them, but that didn’t matter. What mattered was that they knew their place as she delighted herself in watching her pets touch and caress each other without any trace of shame, kneeling in front of her showing their submissiveness to their mistress.
“Oh, what do we have here, something for me?” Rarity asked as she made her way to them; smiling as she did when noticing their blush and eagerness increase as she approached them. “Awww, my wonderful pets are so caring and loving of their mistress, groveling at my feet as I’ve taught you to. Simply wonderful, darlings%” She sang feeling a trickle of excitement run down her thighs. “You even got me a present!” Rarity exclaimed taking the letters hanging from their mouths, making sure to tease and caress their faces a little in the process.
First, she opened the envelope of Spike. Inside she found a simple letter that said ’We love you more than anything, Rarity. Happy Hearts and Hooves/Claws Day!’. Rarity allowed herself to smile and blush at the simplicity and corniness of the letter.
Then she opened the envelope of Coco. And… she was surprised at what she found. She looked at them, then focused on Coco, looked inside her envelope again, then at Spike, and finally, her eyes rested on Spike’s right hand and where it was laying on.
“I-It worked,” Coco said shyly but she was beaming with happiness.
Rarity took the little white stick out of the envelope to see it clearly. Her smile grew and her thighs were soon sporting several leaks caused by her dripping desire.
“It doesn’t surprise me,” Rarity said as she gently caresses the heads of her pets. “You two fuck like animals at any moment you get. It was bound to happen sooner or later,” she leaned down to kiss their foreheads. “Now, the real question is if a dragon can impregnate a lady~?
Her pets suddenly clung to her; licking, kissing, nibbling, and touching eagerly at every inch of her alabaster skin.
Rarity let out a pleased sigh. It was going to be a long, tiresome day. And she wouldn’t have it any other way.