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Cadance wishes errbody a happy Valentine’s Day!
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safe1783803 artist:evehly869 princess cadance33612 alicorn238781 pony1083914 :o4045 belly button83442 cadance laughs at your misery181 cloud32888 comic113430 dialogue69787 female1432606 floating wings1290 hearts and hooves day2168 holiday21982 implied sex6338 implied shining armor376 laughing8484 looking at you181447 mare518194 meme84475 missing accessory8473 mocking238 open mouth161186 poof206 princess bitchdance67 princess of love142 raised hoof50153 simple background421890 smiling271986 solo1120533 spread wings59221 teleportation633 text63840 trolling475 valentine's day3611 wheeze62 white background106156 wide eyes17657 wings130556


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Artist -

Waifu Haver
Normally I enjoy Evehly’s sense of humor but, a little too close to home and a little too mean with this one. Of course a talented young woman can’t relate.

as a matter of fact i DO have a valentines, ME! and believe me, he’s great, and i almost feel sorry for you not having met him