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suggestive170709 artist:king-kakapo1275 pinkie pie236955 twilight sparkle330411 human198766 adorasexy11247 assisted exposure1972 blushing235399 clothes551305 cute232623 diapinkes11447 dress52980 female1583031 followup50 golden oaks library5900 high heels14215 humanized109114 jacket15910 jewelry89043 magic85356 magic abuse623 mary janes1196 nail polish9878 one eye closed39223 panties56920 pantyhose3804 petticoat42 pink panties308 pink underwear4480 polka dot underwear488 ribbon8092 running7025 sexy36947 shoes48462 silly panties237 skirt47370 skirt lift5134 skirt suit163 socks80413 suit7443 thigh highs47689 thighs21557 twiabetes13684 underwear69873 vest4681


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As pinkie pie was to have a peek at twilight’s panties under her pantyhose when the times pinkie pie enjoyed getting pantsed or even skirted when it could be no laughing matter when those also pull down pinkie pie’s panties when she was to be showing her sweet pussy to a crowd.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Add to it Twilight sees what underwear Pinkie is wearing.  
Twilight: “…PINKIE THOSE ARE MINE!!!”  
Pinkie: “Oopies well guess you’ll have to take them back then.” Playful butt wiggle.  
Twilight: “…no um you keep them…”  
Pinkie: “Want me the wash them and bring them back?”  
Twilight: “no just burn them.”