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Drawn for Valentine's day, this picture was originally going to be far more detailed, but after my computer crashed, the master file was irretrievably corrupted. I had to start from sketch up again, so… This will have to do
safe1689234 artist:tunrae155 starlight glimmer48144 trixie66873 pony950899 unicorn315981 colored19260 cute197285 ear fluff28750 female1347197 flat colors2098 kissing24377 leaning3543 lesbian95797 lying down16151 shipping197893 simple background387531 startrix2893 transparent background199877


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Masked Artist
I started rooting for TwiStar, but StarTrix stole my heart with their wonderful banter and quips.
Favourite of all:
"Have you learned your lesson about using magic recklessly?"
"No. How would we have any fun if I did!"
Paraphrasing, but still XD

Not that I don't respect TwiStar :D You ship your ship, and I hope it sails for a long time!

Sci-Twi Lover
This is a nice art, but I don't ship this because I prefer more to TwiStarlight (Twilight Sparkle X Starlight Glimmer), but I'd upvote this art anyways.