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safe1689915 artist:raikoh924 trixie66891 equestria girls198029 equestria girls series32517 street magic with trixie241 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)13943 barrette391 clothes453498 costume27161 cute197407 diatrixes3086 dress43937 epaulettes91 female1347834 gray background7017 hair accessory333 hairclip1064 hairpin1669 hat85478 looking at you165584 looking back56380 looking back at you14247 magician outfit552 microskirt308 minidress156 miniskirt4959 no pupils3955 raised eyebrow6521 simple background387760 skirt39215 skirt lift4700 smiling243601 socks65409 solo1052813 teasing3696 thigh highs35584 top hat4134 zettai ryouiki1852


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Background Pony #4A26
"Oh, hoping for a panty-shot? Well joke's on you, I'm not even wearing underwear!"

-Trixie, about 30 seconds away from realizing something.