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Happy New Year, everyone!
safe1727593 artist:johnjoseco4444 edit134223 edited edit2580 aloe2647 angel bunny9925 apple bloom50246 applejack171549 berry punch6613 berryshine6613 big macintosh28563 bon bon16556 braeburn6350 carrot cake2126 cup cake4210 derpy hooves50477 discord31375 dj pon-329475 doctor whooves10829 fancypants1949 fleur-de-lis3718 fluttershy214931 gummy5103 little strongheart823 lotus blossom2790 lyra heartstrings29863 mayor mare3306 nurse redheart3605 octavia melody23999 opalescence2107 owlowiscious2000 photo finish2649 pinkie pie218212 pipsqueak2861 prince blueblood4149 princess cadance32793 princess celestia95851 princess luna99938 rainbow dash236242 rarity183653 scootaloo51600 shining armor23397 soarin'14100 spike79520 spitfire13593 sweetie belle49402 sweetie drops16555 time turner10826 trixie68118 twilight sparkle303174 vinyl scratch29476 winona2530 zecora9447 alicorn228599 buffalo943 pony987820 2019535 cutie mark crusaders19176 drink4966 edit of an edit of an edit128 fireworks2023 food71534 glasses63133 happy new year1153 hat88393 holiday20308 mane six32238 party hat2415 pie3329 royal guard7932 surprised9429 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124936


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