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Cadance and Luna offer Celestia some encouragement as she prepares to make her belly dancing debut. I've always imagined that Celestia, despite being a seasoned public speaker, would have some pre-performance jitters.

My longtime watchers will no doubt know of the Equestria Girls belly dance fanfics I've written. I've been wanting to write another belly dance story focusing on Celestia, but the scenario has not revealed itself to me as of yet.

You can find my tales on FiMFiction:
Cheering Section
A Sparkly Surprise Performance
Parting the Veil

Tools: iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Procreate

Update 3/2/2019: This piece is now the cover art for my latest EqG fanfic, Our Principal Is A Belly Dancer
suggestive143165 artist:mayorlight256 dean cadance1142 princess cadance32489 princess celestia95085 princess luna99186 principal celestia3503 vice principal luna2507 equestria girls200649 belly button77983 belly dancer882 belly dancer outfit351 blushing197860 breasts277991 digital art18806 fanfic10399 fanfic art14352 fanfic cover1262 female1364264 females only12658 midriff19336 nervous5693 open mouth146095 sexy29464 stage fright56 trio9196 trio female1790


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