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Trixie? Sparkle! You look… Um…… Well that's not important. Let's say Trixie might, possibly in some way, need your… help. Not that she does! Trixie is obviously far too great and powerful a unicorn to need anyone's help.
But, if she were to somehow have a, well, Trixie likes to think of it as a "challenge"- Spit it out, Trixie. Oh fine! Trixie's latest performance might not have entirely gone to plan, and now her assistant may have gotten turned into a Breezie, and… Oh sweet Luna, Trixie, what did you do? N-nothing Trixie is sure she can't fix without a little assistance from an almost-equally talented magician, right? You really know how to pour the charm on, don't you? Look, Sparkle, this wasn't Trixie's first idea, and- Aunt Twiley! Aunt Twiley, look what I- Hey, who are you?
Who is Trixie, she asks. Ha! Haven't you heard of Trixie, little filly? Oh do not encourage her… Feast your eyes on the greatest, the most powerful, the most amazing unicorn that ever lived! Behold! The GREAT! And POWERFUL- Are you the crazy pony Aunt Twiley told me about?I… what? I liked the part where you ran around with a bear.
That… yes, that was Trixie. Cool!… You're Sparkle's niece, right? Princess…Um… (Furry? Hurry? Blurry? Close enough. What else, what else… Art? No, heart! Wait, no, the first name! It started with an 'F'!)
Blurry Fart!
… Did, did she say F-fa…? Isn't that her name? It's going to be for the rest of the day, so thanks for that, Trixie.


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