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This is the forth in the kissing series, next it will probably be Dashy.
Happy valentines everypony! I know I’ll be spending it with my horses :3

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[ Pinkie ]
[ "Rarity":/1955019
[ "Fluttershy":/1955855
[ Dash ]
[ Applejack ]
safe1598751 artist:dsiak91 rarity172309 twilight sparkle285872 alicorn202299 pony868019 unicorn278342 :i1432 animated93380 bby21 blush sticker2216 blushing179619 book31132 bookshelf3205 checklist275 duo51556 female1271650 gif28504 golden oaks library4620 heart44000 holiday16097 kissing22754 lesbian91083 mare431913 perfect loop1188 pointy ponies3181 quill2537 rarilight1773 shipping186079 surprise kiss754 surprised8320 teleportation581 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117185 twilight's canterlot home180 valentine's day3079


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