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While exploring the basement of Mayor Mare's office, our ponies come across a vial of the ancient and mysterious "Fusion" potion. What will happen to them?

This comic commission is illustrated by the lovely Xjenn9 in collaboration between us, so give her lots of love!!

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safe1750737 artist:xjenn9fusion93 oc712049 oc:dalorance46 oc:king calm merriment121 oc:king righteous authority52 oc:king speedy hooves303 oc:princess mythic majestic101 oc:princess sincere scholar79 oc:princess young heart48 oc:queen fresh care55 oc:queen galaxia335 oc:queen motherly morning93 oc:tommy the human500 alicorn232926 human158965 pony1010692 comic:administrative unity18 comic:fusing the fusions203 alicorn oc27630 aunt and nephew167 aunt and niece465 camera4091 canterlot5870 canterlot castle2270 clothes476126 colt15476 comic111481 commission73080 commissioner:bigonionbean2062 cousins734 crown17964 dialogue67958 dress46072 embrace543 family4560 father and daughter2686 father and son946 female1402086 foal15741 fusion5383 fusion:king calm merriment121 fusion:king righteous authority52 fusion:king speedy hooves304 fusion:princess mythic majestic101 fusion:princess sincere scholar79 fusion:princess young heart49 fusion:queen fresh care54 fusion:queen galaxia278 fusion:queen motherly morning93 glasses64659 herd134 human oc616 human to pony1231 humanized101924 husband and wife1597 jewelry68317 kissing25379 magic75395 male388096 mother and daughter6089 mother and son3105 picture1359 picture frame846 ponified42004 regalia21153 royal family90 teenager4753 transformation11324 uncle and nephew76 uncle and niece96 uniform11162 writer:bigonionbean1775


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Background Pony #08D6
That is your assumption of course, in claiming such a bleak and morbid view of what fusion entails.

I mean yeah, there is the entire nation of equestria out there completely untouched by this phenomenon.
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Starlight x Trixie [frieeeeeeends]
Cadance x Shining [married]
Doctor x Derpy ["family"]
Cheese x Pinkie [progeny (Party Vampires)]

Tommy x Heart [not-cousins]
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Emu War veteran..
Well, they're not technically dead since their individual personalities/personal profile are saved all on the single platform that is the fusion body which is comprised of their collective mass/bodies to form one single vessel with four advisory but independent personalities that indirectly influence the decisions and actions that the body takes. While also forming the individual and independent personality of the fusion. Maybe another refernce is that of the elite four leading up to the champion pokemone style maybe?.

Kinda like Inside Out, but made by a lad who can't get enough vodka! :)

Do not worry my child, their ghosts shall become new characters for smash or something.

Nopony expects the FUSION INQUISITION on orders by pope Bean of big Onion!! XD
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*Durgon Noises*
Hoo boy, the Ponyville Cemetery must be filled with tombstones of all the poor souls who were doomed to be fused forever. Are there any normal, non-fused ponies left in Equestria?