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Gay Valentine horses

Also it was fun doing the thing last year with the ship drawings so second verse, same as the first.
I'll doodle a ship if you wanna, long as you ask in the next like, day or two cause I'm kinda busy :v
make it a weird one
safe1600693 artist:dragonpone342 derpibooru exclusive24867 bon bon15572 bon bon (g1)225 lyra heartstrings28245 sweetie drops15577 earth pony210904 pony869500 unicorn279126 adorabon612 bags under eyes1801 bed mane693 big ears781 blushing179928 bonlyrabon5 cheek fluff4696 chest fluff33475 clothes419765 cute183642 ear fluff24675 female1273263 floating heart1749 floppy ears47169 g114058 g1 to g43666 generation leap5475 hat78353 heart44041 heart eyes14458 hug25818 lesbian91137 looking at each other17393 lyrabetes1248 lyrabon3129 mare432898 mug3776 neck nuzzle191 nightcap481 open mouth127543 polyamory6374 robe3268 shipping186298 smiling221157 tired2892 tongue out93248 wingding eyes19718


not provided yet


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