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Bowser (and Bowsette sortof) belongs to Nintendo
Bases by DoraAir and DianaMur

Bowser: Guards, whos at my castle? Who demands to see me?

Guard: A queen from a faraway land, your highness. She requests to aid you in your takeover of the kingdom.

Bowser: Let her in.

[Doors open and Bowser looks from his throne as his guest enters in. He got a good look at her. She was no ordinary queen. She was also a Koopa. Her shell was a bright pink and her red hair was put back in a ponytail. Her crown reminded him a lot of Princess Peach's. She was a pretty Koopa indeed.]

Guard: Your highness. Queen Koopette.

Koopette: It's an honor meeting you, King Bowser. I've heard amazing things about you.

Bowser: O-Oh! Well, I am pretty special. So, you wish to aid me in defeating that plumber?

Koopette: Both plumbers and I'll even help overthrow that Toadstool. I've admired your work for a long while, and I do look forward to assisting you.

HELLO! So proud of this dialouge!
Heres my personal headcanon about "Bowsette". That she's a different character herself! A Queen from far away who helps Bowser, but the two develop a close bond and she becomes Juniors new mom. Theres also a royal wedding, while Peach supports them happily and proud that Bowser has moved on.


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