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safe2118835 screencap287381 fluttershy252089 rainbow dash272911 rarity212947 spike90689 twilight sparkle349906 alicorn302880 dragon81387 pegasus471777 pony1479946 unicorn512876 ail-icorn268 g41930941 spoiler:interseason shorts968 angry35542 animated122311 bed55224 behaving like a bird738 crossed hooves2785 cute257315 dashabetes11881 dashie mcboing boing35 eyes closed133763 female1740438 floppy ears70408 fluttercold43 flying52794 frown34162 glare8943 grumpy3163 head shake306 lyrebird11 lyrebird dash31 madorable1052 male529643 mare703736 meme92205 meme origin565 nose wrinkle3780 prone33713 puffy cheeks5017 rainbow dash is not amused971 rariskate29 red horn87 red nosed456 scrunchy face8137 sick2064 sicklight sparkle66 sound15995 sparkles8112 spread wings88536 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146078 unamused23198 webm24304 wide eyes19579 winged spike9899 wings208443


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That's him, officer
This reminded me of that one scene from Raggedy Ann and Andy where the two, plus the Camel with the wrinkled knees, were inside Looneyland.