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Cadance, why? ;w;
safe1708329 artist:dsp2003761 princess cadance32498 alicorn224812 pony969438 abstract background14719 belly button78017 bipedal34669 blushing197955 chibi14403 comic109185 cute200095 cutedance1258 female1364864 food70226 full mouth71 looking at you168944 mare481595 meat1885 peetzer121 pepperoni430 pepperoni pizza416 pizza1932 ponies eating meat980 salami7 signature24880 single panel405 sitting63365 solo1065515 that pony sure does love pizza119 this will end in weight gain355


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Background Pony #2350
Horses can and do eat meat, you can find videos of a horse eating a baby bird.