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We had anti versions of the Mane 6 and the princesses, now I decided to draw anti versions of the rest of the central cast! There was a leak back in 2017 that showed us pictures of the CMCs cursed by King Sombra, and I heard Sombra also cursed Spike, Starlight, and Student 6 but I couldn't find those pictures. So I made my own!

Anti-Ocellus is pretty much the old changeling style — taking love away!

Anti-Smolder acts like a typical dragon — very rude and greedy!

Anti-Yona is enraged all the time and would smash everything, and I mean EVERYTHING! Either that, or she considers herself the worst and loves the create instead of smash! :3

Anti-Silversteam is just tired and lazy and sad all the time.

Anti-Gallus is a huge jerk to even his friends!

Anti-Sandbar… well I got nothing for him. It's hard to tell what Sandbar's personality is. He's pretty bland.
safe1554686 artist:megasean4510 gallus5622 ocellus4383 sandbar4539 silverstream5157 smolder6406 yona4352 changedling7098 changeling39001 classical hippogriff4360 dragon46550 earth pony190218 griffon24393 hippogriff8096 pony825909 yak3734 leak1539 spoiler:s09528 angry23439 bow23574 brainwashed153 cloven hooves8674 colored hooves4539 colored sclera568 cursed238 discorded1383 dragoness6473 fake1083 fanart1252 female878755 fight5620 fire9831 fire breath493 green eyes3281 green sclera55 hair bow12898 hissing365 jewelry48962 jossed115 male298791 meme77877 monkey swings1177 necklace14725 pre changedling ocellus23 rage1328 rage face394 simple background337452 sombra eyes2867 student six1400 teenager4204 theory395 white background84722 yelling2802


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I'm sure The Young Six won't be affected by Sombra they're the new Elements of Harmony. They'll help save the day.
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