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safe1680970 screencap219095 doodle bug81 gallop j. fry251 garden grove170 guy grove59 lily longsocks391 little red165 sandalwood1079 sci-twi23798 super funk211 twilight sparkle297281 equestria girls196882 equestria girls series32363 street magic with trixie240 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)13898 background human6264 beanie3572 burger1814 cellphone3403 cheering790 clothes450369 female1340141 food68490 glasses60443 grin37260 hand on hip5880 hat84723 juice1289 juice box926 legs8058 lidded eyes29918 looking at you163914 magic71935 male364158 open mouth140762 phone5981 ponytail17419 shirt24198 skirt38940 smartphone1918 smiling241365 smirk12186 smug5835 smuglight sparkle282 street734 t-shirt4294 telekinesis27123 vest3811


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