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Smolder: I hate it. I hate all of you and I’m leaving…

Gallus: Looks like the mitten is on the other claw now! *snickers*

Sandbar: What’s a Ghillie? Is it a type of seaweed?

Yona: So Sandbar has seaweed mane?

Ocellus: Are you really ticklish there, Smolder?

Silverstream: Let’s find out! C’mere Smoldy!

Smolder: …I hate you both…


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Maybe it's a joke.
I choose to believe Silverstream's ticklishness expedition found that Smolder is indeed ticklish there. And also on parts of her mini-flappers.

It's also a type of camouflage that goes beyond trying to match the environment's colors. Now that I've seen the Ghillie Dhu, I can guess why they call the camo that.
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