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suggestive145487 artist:tjpones3185 sci-twi24651 sunset shimmer63857 twilight sparkle303103 equestria girls203180 breasts283455 computer6265 dialogue66531 duo62880 female1381453 glasses63109 grayscale38574 homedick shimmer183 homesick shimmer272 horsecock70077 implied bestiality308 laptop computer2343 monochrome150946 simple background401135 traditional art118901


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true freedom and total privacy is when you can bookmark anything you want on your fyaying browser!!
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Go fsck yourself
I feel like this is the birthplace of an entire lineup of very lewd Websites.

Love it! :D

Oh, and if anyone asks, it's TJ's fault idea. LoL
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It's "wiener", as in the sausage that comes from Vienna (Wien in German). Is available? There's no way I'm looking that up.

It's unregistered and available, WE COULD MAKE A WEBSITE!
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Lord Weirdo
It's "wiener", as in the sausage that comes from Vienna (Wien in German). Is available? There's no way I'm looking that up.
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I know Twilight looks vaguely unsettled, but at the same time, she's a person of science. There's no way she isn't at least a little curious.
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what worries me most is the price differences. Someone probably spent some hours if not days of calculations and market research to determine that is worth $1 more than
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I've never done enough with griffons for that. Did a big furry story (back in my furry writing days) that had lots of cat dongs. Maybe I need to do something with griffons and spiny bird-cat peens.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Tune in next time for the next episode of Friends Sharing Fetishes! Can Sunset convert Twilight into getting turned on by horse weiners? Will Twilight resist Sunset's attempt to share her fetish? Will they really watch two ranchhands cock swordfight with realistic horsecock silicone dildos?. This is an episode you don't want to miss!