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who is she? (3)
safe1679527 artist:jeglegator132 desert sage145 equestria girls196684 equestria girls series32320 spring breakdown2605 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)13863 adorasexy9477 armpits42604 background human6264 bare shoulders2259 boob swing8 breasts270402 bustier74 busty desert sage35 clothes449875 cute195781 eyeshadow15098 female1338855 jewelry61087 necklace18104 open mouth140528 pants14080 pearl necklace1193 purple background2917 sageabetes8 sandals4175 sexy28511 signature23424 simple background384600 solo1045616 strapless1430 sweat25619


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Background Pony #C920
I like the footwear she has on. I'd like to see more images like this
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