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"Don't you say it."
"Does this mean…"
"Luna, don't you say it!"
"That I'M the big sister now?"
"…I really don't care for you right now."
"That's no way to speak to your big sister."
"You're not the big sister!"
"I'm pretty sure I am."
"It's still me, Luna. I'm just… smalller."
"And adorable!"
"…And, yes, I am. Now help me reverse this, I'm holding Court in twenty minutes."

Pretty quick piece, I was just messing with some of the princess models to fix a few little tweaks, and one thing led to another, and now we have our glorious eternal leader Sunbutt gone smol. How?…

Whatever happened, Luna's taking full advantage of it. She's dreamed of this moment for literal centuries.

Filly Celestia is adorbs and there needs to be more art of her.
safe (1523303) artist:tahublade7 (406) princess celestia (87642) princess luna (91664) alicorn (183976) anthro (219173) plantigrade anthro (25060) 3d (58179) age regression (1287) armor (20690) book (29264) cewestia (1661) clothes (387915) female (847724) filly (56700) filly celestia (255) fire (9487) fireplace (2302) hand on hip (4069) leaning forward (216) looking at each other (14895) mary janes (1066) pink-mane celestia (1984) shoes (27604) socks (53938) warrior luna (331) younger (14873)


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Background Pony #A0A8
I would love to see a fan art where Luna, after removing shoes and socks to filly Celestia, tickles her sweet and tender little feet.
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Let her hold court in this state. The sycophants will still be sycophants, and anybody that tries to even make a mean face at her will probably trigger a papa wolf reaction and be turned into glue.
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Background Pony #2AC1
"I'll do what I can. In the meantime, eat your greens or no cake for you tonight!"
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