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Why is this animated series so underrated?
So, this is my first upload, I hope that the tags are okay
This is the third episode, so I recommend you to go to the first one: introduction
safe1709065 artist:crusader productions22 rainbow dash234225 pegasus292782 pony970138 alternate timeline2987 alternate universe10292 amputee4720 apocalypse dash845 augmented2458 clothes460547 context in description78 context in source16 crossover62333 female1365525 frisk205 metal wing45 my little tale9 offscreen character34268 pixel art10519 prosthetic limb2993 prosthetic wing790 prosthetics3470 solo1065977 speech bubble23373 text59664 undertale1727


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MLP, Megaman, Modularity
The tag says Rainbow Dash. The mismatched wings say Rainbow Dash.

But the face and text bubble say Fluttershy. And the lack of color really doesn't help.
Background Pony #3395
Huh. Something that actually makes me interested in an Undertale related project.
Background Pony #D9AF
Why is this animated series so underrated?

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