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Act 1-1
You wake up and find yourself in some kind of cave. You don’t know where you are or what you are. You look over yourself and see you have holes in your legs. You seem to have some kind shell on your back with a pair of insect-like wings that buzz when you flap them.

You walk over to the edge of a cliff and see the rest of the cave. The massive space had giant crystals jetting out the walls and ceiling. You look down, it was a long drop. You flutter wings and hope these will make the landing softer.

You buzz your wings and you stay airborne. You look to the cave flood and hover downward. You land on the ground and take a another gaze at how huge this cave is. You walk up to crystals sticking out of the ground, you could see your reflection. You jump back a bit after seeing yourself for the first time.

You don’t what you are. You look like some kind of bug-pony thing. You noticed the long sharp fangs you have and thought they look pretty cool.

You walk around the crystals and go right. The smell of the night air hits your nose. You think this might be the way out. To turn back and go the other way. You then hear the sounds of shoes on tile floors and some voices through this way. You head back to the center of the two exits.

Which way do you choose?


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