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This is the February Flower Crown Series Print that will be going out to all my Patrons COPPER tier and up.It is exclusively a print.

For Luna, I went with Stargazer Lilies. This, again seems more like a pun on the name because "Princess of the Night", but it goes deeper than that!Stargazer lilies are described as being young, bold, beautiful, and dramatic. The white flowers tend to mean purity and sympathy, and I've used the more white variety in this picture.Luna has had a troublesome time, and I feel that this flower best represents her. She is the youngest sister, she rules the night and has a lovely talent involving the dreamscape. She uses this talent to show her sympathy and compassion, and her purity in her heart and willingness to help others in whatever way she is capable. Luna is also very beautiful in her design and intentions, as well as a bit dramatic because of her guilt and understanding of the Olde Ways for Equestria.
There is time to join Copper or higher for February in order to get this print, if you are wanting it you can hop on before Jan 30th to get it! ♥

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