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First art piece for Ring-verse, YAY!
This is Twilight and Rarity's family! This is a lovely and happy moment, the arrival of their Twins Meteor Matrix and Dawnstar Moonstone, they're the biological offspring of Twilight and Rarity, but they respect their father!

safe1706338 artist:cringequeen-universe5 prince blueblood4106 rarity181835 twilight sparkle300328 oc684588 oc:dawnstar moonstone1 oc:meteor matrix1 alicorn224422 pony967500 unicorn323319 alicorn oc26565 alternate design2793 baby10451 baby pony6603 blaze (coat marking)1343 coat markings4565 colored horn629 colored wings6146 colored wingtips1666 eyes closed93542 facial markings1774 female1363047 gray background7176 lesbian96972 magical lesbian spawn12077 male372677 mare480540 offspring39042 parent:prince blueblood825 parent:rarity4206 parent:twilight sparkle8293 parents:rarilight116 polyamory6765 rainbow power2833 rariblood169 rarilight1859 shipping200249 simple background393365 stallion108778 straight136393 twiblood97 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123660


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Artist -

I remember hating this drawing when I made it,still do!Dawn moonstone was never planned to be this yellowish dull colour, gonna remake it!