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Both arrangements would make sense in this universe, perhaps. The artist portrays RD as tsundere ad Rare as the one who knows how to motivate and tease Dash, so it would also make sense to make RD the one who's in need of a heroine to rely on.
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Well, it's already been established in the show that Twi's fantasies are terrible when it comes to keeping ponies in character.
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This is what i like about this artist.
Instead of making rd the prince like we'd all expect she choose rarity
Her art is very umpredictable and is somewhat way more fun than all the artists drawing very masculine applejack and very feminine rarity, from what i saw about rarijack this is always the case, they always have these same dynamics and it's boring as fuck.

Here rarity (who is normaly a 'girly girl') seems to be way more tomboyish for a change. and it's particularly refreshing.
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Barely a minute later, Twilight fell off her chair as as an enraged shout shook the castle: "SHE'S DOING WHAT?!?"
A cold shiver went down her spine, and her eyes dilated in terror as she realized that today was when Spike had his weekly flying lesson with Rainbow Dash…
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