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"Maybe I can help?"
safe1750187 princess celestia96752 principal celestia3606 sci-twi25219 spike80491 spike the regular dog2586 twilight sparkle306076 dog9857 equestria girls206971 friendship games12828 blazer215 bracelet10009 brooch384 clipboard1257 clothes475886 crystal prep academy uniform3453 cute205663 cutelestia3670 cutie mark accessory521 cutie mark brooch115 cutie mark on clothes3204 hair bun3497 hand on shoulder358 holding a dog10 jewelry68195 momlestia fuel104 open mouth154256 open smile2122 principal and student162 school uniform7442 smiling260836 twiabetes12264 watch1471 wristwatch552


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Sci-Twi Lover
@Midday Shine
Hey, laid that off from that unique comment you are replying, that unique comment is private forever and cannot be poked/fixed/researched/reveal-their-behind-the-scenes. Stop poking/fixing/researching/reveal-the-behind-the-scenes to most of my unique comments (especially even also on my "First Comment is ME, NOT You" movement), they are NOT allowed to be poked/fixed/researched/reveal-their-behind-the-scenes and must be private from being revealed forever.

Sorry for the late comment since I am too busy to reply someone frequently.