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suggestive164933 artist:sundown1572 applejack183482 human185904 applebucking thighs2285 applebutt5255 ass63065 bed47558 butt148759 butt freckles2383 casual nudity8521 drool28578 eyes closed112969 female1535137 freckles34163 huge butt12241 humanized107113 jacqueline applebuck304 large butt22630 nudity429385 pillow21237 sleeping25733 sleeping in the nude510 solo1209487 solo female199253 the ass was fat17239 thick5141


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Breast expansion girls
There’s one giant pillow in this pic and I still want to sleep over her ass.  
They look softer to smother to face in than the giant pillow.  
“bigass Freckle butt pillow y’all
Background Pony #3864
Dude, if you don’t like the pic, then just shut up, unsubscribe from the pic and hide it, then you’ll never have to see it again.
Artist - snoopystallion

i never doubt that. fetishes excist. but i like to filter out obese and fatties. and AJ is clearly oversized and weighting A LOT here. so the two tags are perfectly fitting her fat body. but the mods dont see anything wrong with that body apparently. almost delusional to think that she is not overweight. but whatever. i hide the artist now. dont have to look at those things ever again from this particular artist. so i am done here. but its sad that obvious things are not tagged properly because reasons.
Duck - "Your complacency in crap like this is helping normalize the quacking."
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

The BMI is bullcrap. I’m 6’ 4’’ with a heavy body structure, and according to the BMI I should weigh under 180 lbs. If I weighed just under 200 pounds, I’d look like I stepped out of a concentration camp.